About Crankshaft Rebuilders

For over 30 years, our auto machinery specialists at Crankshaft Rebuilders and Auscrank have been manufacturing cast, forged and billet crankshafts and engine components for drivers of all makes and models of vehicles. We’re also happy to provide engine machining services to suit all your needs.

Crankshaft Rebuilders was established in 1977 by Ian Shugg, focusing mostly on crankshaft repairs and grinding before slowly expanding to include all aspects of engine reconditioning. During the 1980s Ian took on a new venture, expanding Crankshaft Rebuilders to include the manufacture of crankshafts and other engine components, and our sister company Auscrank was born.

Our crankshafts and engine components are all fully made here in our workshops, which means that the green and gold Australian Made logo is on every product that leaves our workshop on its way to drivers and car enthusiasts both in Australia and overseas.

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