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Crankshaft Rebuilders
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Welcome to Auscrank, your complete crankshaft shop

Here at Crankshaft Rebuilders we manufacture crankshafts under the business name of Auscrank. We offer many different styles of crankshafts, including steel billet, forged steel & nodular cast iron.

Our crankshafts are all made here at Crankshaft Rebuilders, Our products are made here in Australia & we wave the Australian Flag with pride.

Nodular cast iron crankshafts

Our nodular cast iron crankshafts are made to fit the Holden V8 308/304, Rover V8 and MG-TC engines.

Non-twist forging

Our 4340 non-twist forging can be made into various small block V8 configurations. The raw forging can be manufactured into small block Chevrolet, Ford Windsor & Cleveland, Holden V8, Rover & Chrysler parts.

Custom steel billets

We can make just about anything with our custom steel billets.

We can alter  factory designs to improve and make the crankshaft with today’s technology & change the engine characteristics dramatically with free rev, performance & reliability.


Find out more about us and about our products and services, including engine block services, crankshaft services, conrods, cylinder heads and balancing services. Check out our specials, or view the spare parts we have on offer.

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