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Crankshaft Rebuilders - crack testing
Crankshaft Rebuilders
Crankshaft Rebuilders - engine services
Crankshaft Rebuilders - engine cleaning and crack testing

engine block services

At Crankshaft Rebuilders, we offer a full range of servicing and repairs for both petrol and diesel engines. Our complete engine block services cover everything from cleaning and crack testing to machining, honing and boring. Our full list of engine block services includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Crack testing
  • Sonic testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Boring and Honing (Sunnen SV-10)
  • Torque Plate Fitment
  • Alloy Honing & Lapping
  • Diamond honing
  • Cylinder Sleeving
  • Lifter Bore Reaming & Bushing with BHJ
  • Surface grinding and Milling
  • ‘O’ Ring installation
  • Line Boring & Honing
  • Main cap conversions
  • Diesel Shoulder Boring
  • White Metal Bearing

Crankshaft Rebuilders offers a full range of quality engine servicing and repairs. Read more about our services, including crankshaft services, conrods, cylinder heads and balancing services. We also offer a range of quality spare parts.

For more information or to get your engine rebuilt by the experts, contact us today.